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Poster: Destructive at 7/28/2006 10:30:45 PM PDT
Subject: Name?
   Is there anyway at all that I could change the name on my account? Not the Account Name, but the name thats registered to my account. I want to do this because I had my friend sign up this account for me. (No I didnt buy it from him or anything like that). I was playing xbox live so he just put in all the info for me. I have now realized that he accidentaly
put in HIS name instead of mine. Any way to fix this?
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Poster: Pavonum at 7/28/2006 10:37:24 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Name?
   I'm sorry to say, Destructive, that the name with which one's account is registered may not be changed under such circumstances as yours. Additionally, I would strongly urge against allowing others to enter possibly spurious account information for you, as it is a direct violation of the Terms of Use to which you have agreed. Note the underline:

Q u o t e:
To register an Account to play World of Warcraft, you will be required to provide Blizzard Entertainment with: (i) your name, address and phone number; (ii) the "Authentication Key" from the World of Warcraft Software you purchased; (iii) accurate, complete, and updated billing information for payment of the Service subscription fee. Failure to comply with the foregoing or to update the foregoing if your contact information or billing information changes shall constitute a breach of this Agreement, which may result in the immediate termination and deletion of the Account. As such, it is imperative that you provide Blizzard Entertainment with accurate, up to date information. In the event that Blizzard Entertainment learns that you have provided false or misleading registration information, Blizzard Entertainment reserves the right to immediately terminate and disable or delete the Account.

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Poster: Pavonum at 7/28/2006 10:45:20 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Name?
   Your best recourse at this point is to talk to Billing, Destructive, to see whether our representatives there may be of further assistance; I can tell you now, however, that your issue is somewhat different from a woman legally changing her name, and that we may not be able to reverse your friend's "error." In any case, you may contact them via e-mail ( or phone (1-800-59-BLIZZARD) between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific time, Monday through Friday. I wish you the best in your efforts. :)
Look at my works, ye mighty, and despair...

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