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Poster: Nazerath at 7/28/2006 5:17:17 PM PDT
Subject: Limited Item restores, Case by case???
   Alright I'll get straight to the point, my friend of a few years about 2 months ago had his account access via keyloger and stuff deleted.

The GM's were able to access what had happened and mail him the items he detailed to a restoration specilaist.

Recent on these boards and other some "2000 gold blizzard sponsered" give away scam has been circulating where said scammers we're creating copys of the blizzard forums interface/page where the victum would log in at the top right like always.

In turn my friend fell for this and AGAIN has his account compromised and gear deleted/striped by said scammers. Ofcourse this is due to his ignorance but I figured since the links we're placed here on the official boards it falls under the blizzard liability.

Fundementally, after being assisted once with a full restore of his entire paperdoll of epics. Is he SOL and should I just tell him to roll a BE paladin in a few months or are the cases reviewed idependtly even with prior help from blizzard?
Poster: Kaone at 7/29/2006 3:52:12 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Limited Item restores, Case by case???
   Hi Nazerath,

Your friend should indeed petition in regarding this second compromise regardless. His account will be investigated once again. While no restoration is guaranteed his account will be looked at to see what can be done to help. I wish your friend the best of luck.
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