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Poster: Xanaku at 7/27/2006 11:12:17 AM PDT
Subject: Character Transfer and Character Naming
   I am trying to determine the best way to ensure that I can keep name when I transfer a character to another realm.

Let me try to explain my thinking and what I have setup. So currently on Realm XXX I have a character named JohnDoe (XXX is my home realm for example) and I want to transfer to Realm YYY (destination realm). For the time being on realm YYY I have a level 1 alt JohnDoe to hold my name until I am ready to transfer. So my question is when is the best time to delete JohnDoe on YYY so that I can move him over from XXX and keep the name? Should I do this right before I start the transfer process, or is there a better time to help ensure this.

Sorry I hope that was clear enough. If not I can try to clarify more.
Poster: Kaone at 7/27/2006 12:24:19 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Character Transfer and Character Naming
   Hi Xanaku,

First off a disclaimer. While I can try to give you general advice on this, please remember that reserving a character name isn't something we can offer players or provide support for. I have posted on this before and will present that information for you here.

If you indeed delete the level 1 placeholder character on the target realm before you start the transfer process and no one creates a character with that name before your Paid Character Transfer completes, you will end up being able to move your level 53 character while keeping its name. However there is indeed the risk that someone else will make a new character with that name in this period, which can be up to 5 days.

Your second option is that you leave the placeholder character on your account on the target realm. This will mean that your transferred character will be assigned a temporary name as its old name has been already taken. After the transfer is finalized you will be able to log into your transferred character. When you do this you will be prompted to choose a new name. If, just prior to logging on this character, you first deleted your level 1 placeholder character then you should be able to pick that same old name for your transferred character. Keep in mind that this is by no means guaranteed and would be at your own risk.

I wish you the best Xanaku and good luck with your name.
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