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Poster: Forren at 7/27/2006 10:55:51 AM PDT
Subject: Question about harassment policy
   Before you just tell me to submit an ingame ticket, im not here to report them, im just here to ask if this is a violation of the rules.

Theres 2 players on Uther. Theyre "famous" both on the forums and in game because of what they do. They log in and wait for someone... anyone.. to say something.. anything in ANY channel then they start to insult them and attack them for what they said, no matter what they said. They do this for hours non stop. Theyve been doing this for MONTHS despite many.... MANY tickets. They just insult and fight with anyone and everyone they possibly can.

If it is against the rules, why has nothing been done? I know youll say "we cant discuess actions taken on another players account" but you dont have to.. its a given that both of these players should have been banned LONG ago.. yet they havnt.. not even a suspension from what I can see. They do this EVERYDAY almost.

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Poster: Pavonum at 7/29/2006 12:39:25 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Question about harassment policy
   I've gone through your petitions, Forren, and haven't been able to find multiple tickets reporting the same two players; that said, I'll do what I can to explain our policies in a situation such as the one you have described. You say that these two players "insult" and "attack" players for "hours on end," but one must consider the extent of the speech they're using -- if it's mainly along the lines of "rofl ur a nub," that's not going to be seen as a violation of our Harassment Policy, and shall likely not result in any action against these players' accounts. Arguing with others, while it may be considered a social faux pas, is not necessarily inappropriate in and of itself. If vulgar language is being used, however, or the same (or similar) messages are being used repeatedly in public channels, then I would strongly urge you to continue bringing these players to our attention. :)
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