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Poster: Cathil at 7/27/2006 2:30:43 AM PDT
Subject: [Blue] Chargeback Issue, Can you help?

Q u o t e:
Your Account has been temporarily disabled with respect to the chargeback which you have filed with your Credit Card company.

We fixed the issue, but my account hasn't been re-activated :(

And My hunter on was on the honor grind, close to ranking up on a large PvP server. This setback has wasted 2 weeks of consistent grinding, and has caused me to have to spend more time doing it.

Will it be refunded?

Q u o t e:
Who the devil do you think you are?
Poster: Berghe at 7/27/2006 3:49:30 AM PDT
Subject: Re: [Blue] Chargeback Issue, Can you help?
   I regret to say, Cathil, the Game Master Department is unable to address concerns pertaining to the billing cycle of an account. I strongly advise contacting our Billing & Account Services Department for further assistance:

On the note of restored honor, Game Masters are unable to provide a restoration of honor in these situations. I truly do apologize for any frustration this may have caused, and I hope you pursue this further with our Billing Department.
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