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Poster: Dryst at 7/27/2006 12:37:51 AM PDT
Subject: How long ago can a char be retrieved?
   Hi, I unsubscribed my account about 6 months ago... I just reactivated tonight to find that all my characters on this account have been deleted on all servers and i'm not sure exactly wtf is going on. The contact info is changed and the billing adress after i cancled was a gamecard so i'm guessing my account got compromised, why they would delete all my characters I have no idea. The last login time it says is march 25th, a month after I stopped playing... so i'm guessing thats when all my characters got deleted. So after investigation is 5 months of being deleted too long to get my character/items retrieved? I had a 60shaman with Sulfuras and a 60rogue with other bags of epics and it would really upset me if 200days of play go to waste after taking a break for a bit.
Poster: Berghe at 7/27/2006 1:20:29 AM PDT
Subject: Re: How long ago can a char be retrieved?

While we cannot guarantee the restoration of any loss, the chances of restoring a level 60 character deleted some months ago are pretty good. Hopefully our investigations team is able to assist you with this, to your satisfaction. ;)

I would strongly advise taking the steps to retrieve your compromised account, and reverse as many losses possible, that are listed in this thread:
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