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Poster: Ashlexie at 7/26/2006 9:48:16 PM PDT
Subject: Peak hour lag on certain servers Please read
   If you dont want any additional thread then leave one open so we can dissciuss about it.

While your at it sticky this:

Q u o t e:
Our realm technicians are well aware of the stability and performance issues players across several realms are experiencing during peak hours this Summer. We are doing evertyhing we can to improve the performance across all of our realms as quickly as possible. Signing and bumping a thread demanding that the Game Master department expedite this procedure will not benefit your cause. I'm very sorry that you're experiencing latency issues right now; I go home at night and deal with the same issues on my realm. I do know, however, that the process of updating well over 150 realms is a huge undertaking that will require time and patience. No amount of shouting on the Customer Service forum to the Game Master department is going to change this process.

Edit: Any additional threads created about this topic will be considered an attempt to spam/troll this forum. In the interest of assisting players with in-game issues, threads regarding realm performance will be locked/deleted, and you may receive a short suspension from the forum. I encourage you to read the Forum Code of Conduct carefully if you feel this is out of line.

and leave the thread open and FFS keep us informed.... its been going on for over a month and that lame message is all we got as feedback from blizzard.

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Poster: Pavonum at 7/26/2006 9:57:12 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Batta
   Batta has left for the evening, I'm afraid, so you're stuck with me for a while. :)

I'll leave this thread open so that you may politely and constructively discuss the matter; any other threads shall likely be either locked and directed here, or deleted outright, to stave off the clutter which threatens daily to overtake this forum. Ashlexie, if you would be so kind as to rename this thread to something more apropos, I'd appreciate it. :)

Edit: Well, so much for fixing my typo without editing my post. I fail. ^^;

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Look at my works, ye mighty, and despair...
Poster: Pavonum at 7/26/2006 11:26:22 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Batta

Q u o t e:
Done, but please make an effort at giving us some answer.

Issues like that cant go on for over a month witout communication from you (Blizzard).

Guild are paying the 25$ transfer fee to transfer to less lagged server isnt that a sign that there a huge issue going on?

If such an answer were mine to offer, Ashlexie, please believe me when I say that I would provide it for you; the fact of the matter, however, is that the Game Master Department has no involvement whatsoever in realm stability and maintenance. Thus, beyond our utmost assurance that the proper authorities (our server technicians) are aware of what players perceive as "long-term" realm performance issues, and that they are working continually to improve the framework upon which our servers rest, we have nothing to offer in the way of updates or insights. Demanding answers from the Game Master Department regarding realm performance may be likened to yelling at the cashier of a fast food restaurant about advertising campaigns arranged at the corporate level; it may be cathartic in its own way, but it shall accomplish nothing constructive in the long run.

Q u o t e:
PS: You owe me one

I do, indeed. Thank you, friend. :)
Look at my works, ye mighty, and despair...

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