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Poster: Braains at 7/26/2006 8:58:50 PM PDT
Subject: Can I get some help from a GM?
   Alright, here's the deal. I understand normally GMs are incapable of performing rollbacks/removing experience, but I think my situation is a bit out of the norm.

Earlier this evening, the server I was on (Arthas) crashed, while I was riding the zepellin. The Zeppelin was LEAVING Orgrimmar and heading for Silverpine Forest.

When I finally got to log back in, I was falling THROUGH the game world in STONETALON MOUNTAINS. Not only that, but I got exploration experience for the area I was in (underneath, lol). Imagine my utter shock, since this character is a level 19 twink. Thankfully, I'd left a slightly comfortable buffer that allowed for such snaffus.

So, I went *ker-splat* (maybe ker-squish, I am Forsaken, after all), and died. I released my spirit and popped up in the Stonetalon graveyard and-- and here's the part that really miffs me-- I auto-resurrected. I'm guessing because my corpse was in an irretrievable place?

Anyway, point is, I auto-rez, get MORE exploration XP for being in THAT new area, and level to 20.

QQ, indeed.

It would be one thing were I merrily skipping along and accidentally collected exploration XP. That would be my fault, my bad. But a server crash PLACED me in a new area nowhere near where I was beforehand-- multiple new areas, in fact, and in fact put my corpse in an irretrievable location, not to mention involuntarily resurrecting me somewhere else.

So, any chance I could get a GM response on this little matter? I really liked the 10-19 bracket. :<

BTW, this did NOT happen on this character. It occurred on a character on my OTHER account, named Surprìse. However, apparently the unique character "ì" in his name causes a forum error when I try to post under his name. If you need me to post under that account, let me know and I'll roll up an alt real quick. ;)
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Poster: Pavonum at 7/26/2006 9:14:24 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Can I get some help from a GM?
   Before all else, Braains, I'd like to apologise for the apparent distress you have been caused by this matter; having fallen through the world myself once, I understand the frustration you are feeling. That said, it pains me to say that we are unable to "undo" the experience gain that caused you to reach level 20 -- we may not remove experience under any circumstances whatsoever, I'm afraid, and this is no exception. I did do a bit of testing myself, though, and found that when I died from falling under the world, I was not automatically resurrected upon releasing my spirit. This suggests to me that you may have a third-party addon installed which provides such a feature, in which case we may unfortunately accept no responsibility for the experience you gained. I really am truly sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you, friend. I wish you the best. :)
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