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Poster: Avarice at 7/26/2006 8:55:06 PM PDT
Subject: Issues with GM's during raids...
   Ok so here's the deal.

Tonight we basically sat around inside Naxx for over an hour in front of Anub'rekkan waiting for lag to settle. During that time alot of people were expressing their frustration with Blizzard in Gen chat, and our Main Tank joined in the conversation. Granted I cant get past the fact that what he said can get you in trouble if some one decides to report you. But I have a few comments on how the game master handled the situation.

Half an hour after the lag settled, we were just pulling Anub and a GM decides to contact our MT at that point about the tickets submitted against him. Our MT politely said "I am currently tanking Anub'rekkan, can you give me a few moments." Instead of giving us a chance to maybe finish the encounter or at least transition the aggro to another tank, the GM decides to log off our MT right there. So suddenly with our MT having vanished, naturally our raid wipes.

Now I understand why he was in trouble, but it seems pretty bad to me that they also had to wipe 39 other people too. Maybe this GM didnt believe him or something when he said he was main tanking, but you'd think that if a warrior inside naxxaramas said he's currently tanking something, maybe he just might be telling the truth. Besides, I thought standard policy was you let the person get to a safe spot before the GMs logged off their character. I dont really consider the middle of Anub'rekkan to be a safe spot.

Also, seeing as this was only a 3 hour suspension, I dont understand the urgency. Not to mention that people can get suspending for griefing you on mobs or bosses. In my eyes, since this GM cause 39 of us to wipe and die, he was griefing us.
Poster: Pavonum at 7/26/2006 9:28:26 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Issues with GM's during raids...
   First and foremost, Avarice, please accept my most sincere apologies for any frustration this situation may have caused you; if at any time your guildmate wishes to offer comments or concerns regarding the service he has been provided, I would urge him to e-mail with as many details as he can recall. That way, the proper authorities can determine how our department may further improve its future dealings with players. We appreciate any assistance he can offer. :)

As for the actual issue about which you appear to be lodging a complaint, I'm afraid that the Game Master in question handled the situation accordingly; in the event that a player is found to be in violation of our policies such that a temporary suspension from the game is the appropriate repercussion, the player shall be asked to log out of the game immediately. This is to ensure that the matter may be resolved with all due expediency, as befits our dedication to making certain that players' interaction with others is well within the boundaries which have been laid down. If the player is not able to log out immediately, regardless of the circumstances preventing him or her from doing so, the Game Master shall manually remove the player from the game; it is unfortunate indeed that, in this particular case, your guildmate happened to be engaged in combat at the time. In the future, I would advise him -- and all other players who do not wish to suffer such disruption -- to consider carefully the guidelines to which he must adhere while playing World of Warcraft.
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