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Poster: Uccidere at 7/26/2006 9:43:04 AM PDT
Subject: Can I buy just an Account, ? read !!!
   Ok, I have bought 2 versions of WOW MSRB style.. for the accounts. And i thinks its a waste of product when all i really need it is for the account. IS their any way a person could purchase one over the internet, instead of driving to the mall and paying for unessicary parts. And i dont mean purchase an account from an Illegal vender, i mean straight from Blizzard. a CD key.

I need this new account becuz me and my broskie share an account, and now that u can trasnfer chars for 25 bucks, id move his char that that account. so i dont feel like getting shafted buy paying for retail and a char transfer, ud still get ur monthly payments on the account :D, I am doing End game, and he will be soon, were on same server. so its quite annoying when both guilds need one of us. Blue post only really. Unless u have some info that i have not read about account purchasing. and im not saying buy wow for cheapier, id still pay for it in full, but i want it asap, and a key over the internet is instantaneous
Poster: Caerrus at 7/26/2006 10:12:37 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Can I buy just an Account, ? read !!!
   Well, Uccidere; I would suggest that you check out our Recruit-A-Friend program. Using this program, it is possible to acquire a Trial Key; which can be used to create a 10-day Trial Account. This account can be upgraded to a full version of World of Warcraft online at any time, by visiting our Account Management page and clicking on the "Upgrade Online Right Now!" option. It is necessary to pay an activation fee of $39.99 in order to upgrade, but that fee also includes the cost of the first month's subscription. I hope this works out for you. :)

Recruit-A-Friend Program:

Account Management:
Poster: Caerrus at 7/26/2006 11:04:40 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Can I buy just an Account, ? read !!!

Q u o t e:
Thats perfect dude, thanks so much Cae!!! only if their was a tip cup....
We sing a song when someone tips us. True story. :)
Poster: Caerrus at 7/26/2006 1:23:59 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Can I buy just an Account, ? read !!!

Q u o t e:
No, it's true. Batta and I have fantastic singing voices. Kaone, ehh, not so much... ;)

Q u o t e:
Hm... moonlighting at ColdStone?
Mmm, strawberry cheesecake icecream, c'est deliceaux!

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