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Poster: Teniela at 7/26/2006 9:03:43 AM PDT
Subject: hacked account question

Recently I fell victim to a phishing incident and had my backpack items, all my epics vendored and my gold gone. I followed the steps neccessary by contacting a GM who shut down my account. I faxed in the paperwork neccessary to have my account reactivated so that part is all set.

The only thing missing is the gear and money. I understand that my account is currently under investigation, or at least I'm guessing that it is. I haven't recieved any email regarding whether it is or not. According to the FAQ, it does take a bit of time to solve such problems.

My problem is that I've heard customer service reps say the process should take 2-3 weeks. While I don't blame Blizzard at all for what happened, I'm being put in a horrible sittuation. Summer was supposed to be the time I had for serious raiding. On top of that, It was less than a week ago I barely got in into a decent raiding guild. Now I have to contend with loosing alot of potential fun playing time as well as looking for a good end game guild once again.

As before, I know account investigation does take some time to do. What I'm curious of is if there is an estimated time I should have my investigation be completed. I want to know what's the average wait time for people who have their accounts under investigation within the past couple weeks. I'm not going to hold Blizzard to anything specified but have something to say to my guild as to when I should likely be back in business.

Thank you,

Poster: Caerrus at 7/26/2006 1:50:39 PM PDT
Subject: Re: hacked account question
   I'm sorry to hear about your account, Teniela, and it's good to hear that you've regained access to your account and have already submitted an in-game petition to begin the investigation process. You are correct; the information you have provided has been sent to our Account Investigators and is currently in queue to be investigated. Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with an estimate for how long it may take; but it's quite possible that it will take a few weeks for the process to complete, and we would appreciate your continued patience in the meantime.

Good luck with your restoration and please be sure to take a look at the following thread for more information about investigations into accounts that have been compromised:

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