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Poster: Lasagna at 7/25/2006 6:52:31 PM PDT
Subject: Is it bannable?
   On a PvE server to purposely despawn an epic quest for the other fction? Either one of the demons or the Benediction quest.

If it is can you provide a link to where it says so?

I posted on the general forum, but Drysc said I should post here.
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Poster: Kaone at 7/29/2006 2:28:20 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Is it bannable?
   Hello Lasagna,

Purposely harassing another player via repetitively disrupting their ability to complete a quest is indeed a violation of our policies. As for whether it can result in an account ban - yes it could - but most likely not immediately. The reason for this is that it takes multiple actions on an account to escalate the severity of the action to the point of an account closure. This can be seen more easily in our penalty volcano model which can be found on the World of Warcraft website at:

I hope this helps.
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