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Poster: Katracy at 7/25/2006 4:34:05 PM PDT
Subject: Mail did Not Come, GMs aren't there
   I sent some mail to this character. I did not come after about 24 hours. I know of the deleted mail bug, but i checked it over and i should of come. I have also waited about 30 minutes today, and almost and hour yesterday for the GM and they do not come. Please help!
Poster: Batta at 7/25/2006 5:41:37 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Mail did Not Come, GMs aren't there

Q u o t e:
ugh.. thats too long for me.. thanks for youe help.. just have to say, Blizz you gotta a good person right there

Hi, Katracy. It appears that your petition was closed before a Game Master reached you. Information is automatically populated on the petition when a Game Master closes it; because this field is blank on your petition, it means the petition was closed client-side.

The mail you are missing was sent to a deleted character on your account by the same name, as Ilyana suspected. I have restored this character for you at no limited restoration cost, as this is an issue about which we're aware and working to correct. You will be prompted to select a new name upon logging into the character. The mail will be waiting for you once you've done so. ; )

Additional details have been sent to the email address on account record. I do apologize for the inconvenience and confusion this situation has caused you, dear. = )
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