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Poster: Graphex at 7/24/2006 10:32:12 PM PDT
Subject: Item Restoration
   I recently woke up in the morning to my character having no gear and 63c. I made a petition and all and he told me my account would be investigated. I lost all my itmes that were d/e by a hacker. I have been waiting a week now and have no clue as to what is happening to my account. I have no gear or anything for the time being. I would just like to know how long i am expected to wait for a hacker who somehow obtains my password and deletes countless items. Please help.
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Poster: Berghe at 7/24/2006 11:02:49 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Item Restoration
   The information you're looking for can be found in our Customer Service Forum - FAQ:

Q u o t e:
Compromised Account Procedure - *Updated*

* Help me! My password seems to have been changed and I can no longer access my account. How do I secure my account?

To restore access to your account as quickly as possible, please visit our Account Management page and be prepared to answer your secret question:

If you no longer remember the answer to your secret question, please follow the instructions listed on the following Billing & Account Services page:
* I have changed my password and had access restored to my account, but all of my characters are deleted. How can I get them back?

You will now need to contact our Game Master department via in-game petition from any character on your account (create a new character, if necessary). You may also submit an e-mail to; however, ALL reports of a compromised account must come from a character on the account, the registered email address of the account, or an account registered to someone with the same last name. Your claim will then be forwarded onto our Account Investigators for further analysis.
* Why was my account locked; and, how do I recover a locked account?

After receiving a report that the account has been compromised, the Game Master handling the case will run a quick investigation to determine whether or not the account is secure. If the account is deemed to be at risk, it will be temporarily disabled in order to prevent any further damage from taking place. The rightful owner of the account will then be sent an e-mail detailing our Account Retrieval process. By following the steps outlined in our Account Retrieval process, the rightful owner will be able to resume their adventures in the World of Warcraft. This process is handled by our Account Administration department. Any players inquiring about a locked account should submit their concerns via email to
* My account is secure again and a Game Master restored my characters; however, I'm still waiting for an update on all of my missing items and someone closed my ticket. Did Blizzard forget about me?

We have not forgotten about you. The report of your missing items was forwarded internally to our Account Investigators, who will work to determine how the account was compromised, while also verifying the loss of any items as a result of the incident. A petition no longer needs to remain open under such circumstances. Due to the nature of these investigations, as well as the number of such incidents which must be processed, it may take some time for us to contact you with further information. Rest assured, as soon as more information becomes available, you will be contacted via the e-mail address registered to the account. Until that time, your patience is greatly appreciated.
For more information on compromised accounts, please review our Unauthorized Account Access Policy found here:

The last paragraph I belive would be the most pertinent to your questions. ;)

The full thread may be read here:
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