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Poster: Batta at 7/24/2006 11:23:36 AM PDT
Subject: Character & Item Restoration FAQ
   Hello everyone,

This is here to shed some light on the restoration process that goes hand-in-hand with our Character & Item Restoration Policy, located here:

Requesting a Restoration:
The first thing you will need to do is contact a member of the Game Master Department via the in-game petition system. This can be done by selecting the red question mark (?) located in the bottom control panel, next to your bags.

Information and Details to Include:
The main rule of thumb here is to include as much information as is possible. If it is an item that was lost, include the name of the item, when it was lost, and how it was lost. If it was a character which was mistakenly deleted, include the name, class, level, race and realm of the character. The same basic idea goes with any restoration request: Include every ounce of information available to you.

The Escalation Process:
At times, certain restoration requests require that your in-game ticket be escalated to a member of our Character Specialist Staff. Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of these issues, not to mention the very thorough verification and restoration process, this may take some time to be resolved. Each escalated issue is addressed in the order received; depending on the amount of restoration requests which demand our attention, this may take well over a week to be addressed.

The Golden Escalation Rule:
Once a petition has been escalated, it is imperative that the original ticket is not closed, edited or otherwise changed. Furthermore, do not create another ticket on the same character that submitted the restoration request; this shall overwrite the original petition and remove it from the specialist queue.

If at any time you feel that your ticket has been overlooked, or have more information to provide concerning your original restoration request, feel free to create another petition; just make sure that when you do so, you do so from an alternate character. This will ensure that the original restoration request remains intact, and you do not have to begin the restoration process anew.

The Character Specialists:
These are Game Masters who are experts in the field of verifying and restoring losses. It is only through their diligence and verification that we are able to potentially restore a particular loss.

Limited Restorations:
A player and his or her account are permitted a limited number of instances in which the Game Master Department may assist with property recovery. We do not wish to encourage career victims, nor will we penalize players who legitimately make the occasional slip-up. Please remember, however, that reimbursement of any kind is not guaranteed. While we will make every effort to verify and restore your loss, the decision to reimburse your loss is entirely at Blizzard's discretion. If a player is repeatedly making poor decisions that result in lost property, we reserve the right to refuse further reimbursements. While we can restore items with random modifiers (of the Bear, of the Eagle, etc.), we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same modifier you had on your original item. We are also unfortunately unable to guarantee that any enchantments or other additions to an item shall be restored along with it.
They wanted me for their army or whatever...
Poster: Batta at 7/24/2006 12:00:27 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Character & Item Restoration FAQ
   For additional information regarding compromised accounts and missing virtual property, please see our Customer Service Forum FAQ:
They wanted me for their army or whatever...

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