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Poster: Elco at 7/23/2006 11:36:15 PM PDT
Subject: Is this against the ToS or EULA?
   Ok.. I know you guys must get sick of these questions. But I really want to know before I get a banning for running a "casino".

There is a mod that allows you to play Texas Holdem in game.
Awesome mod that is a LOT of fun for killing time between pulls.

What I'm wondering is, if our guild wants to have an IN GUILD tournament. No entry fee, but offer prizes for the top 3 is that against the rules? We have an excess of coins and bijous after 1.11 made them no longer needed for items and are trying to think of a creative way of dispersing them. We have thought of PvP tournies, naked gnome races, etc. But would using this addon for deciding who gets a prize be against the rules.

The important facts.
1) It's a pure addon of LUA files and textures.
2) No entry fee, no risk, just rewards
3) Guildies only, not a scam or anything...

I just don't want to get banned for trying to inject some fun in to our guild.
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Poster: Pavonum at 7/24/2006 12:21:01 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Is this against the ToS or EULA?
   Given the terms you've set down for the competition, Elco, as well as the description of the addon itself, I don't see how a friendly poker tournament within your guild could be considered to be in violation of our Terms of Use or End User License Agreement. So long as there are no entry fees, there is no chance of scam occurring, which is the primary concern regarding in-game "casinos" or other gambling. So I say go for it, and may the Bijous (and ale) flow like water. Have fun, friend, and keep your poker face on. ;)
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