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Poster: Theklore at 7/23/2006 8:43:26 PM PDT
Subject: Goodbye Ash'kandi?

I'm posting this here because I'm hoping some attention could finally be addressed to a concern of my guild and in particular to a good friend of mine.

2 weeks ago our guild killed Neferian and the Ash'kandi dropped. The sword was suppose to go to a good friend of mine, however he died in phase 1 of the neferian encounter. As a result of this was unable to loot Neferian's body and receive his sword. We immediately petitioned a GM about this situation. We kept the body open so it wouldn't despawn with the sword so that the GM could in fact see that the sword did drop and had yet to be looted.

After roughly an hour the GM showed up and said he couldn't do anything about it and it would need to be passed to an item specialist. We left the sword on the body and let it rot. He said the the item specialist will review and see if he was there and that the sword drop and will probably receive the item in about a week.

Fast forward about 1 week, my friend who was getting annoyed by the situation petitioned another GM and said the matter was still under investigation however it was being referred to the GM of our guild and not to my friend who had yet to receive the sword.

We are now in the second week and have received NO information on what is happening with the sword. What can possibly be done at this stage? Both he, and I are aggrivated that he didn't get the sword, that no information is being relayed to either him or our GM. What can we possibly do now. I'm more than willing to pass particulars about the situation. I can give the day we killed nef, damn near the time, the name of our guild of course, the name of the current recepient, the name of our GM. Just tell me what has to happen and who I need to talk to because petitioning GMs isn't getting us anywhere.

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Poster: Pavonum at 7/23/2006 11:15:29 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Goodbye Ash'kandi?
   Before all else, Theklore, I'd like to apologise for any distress you may have been caused by your previous correspondence with our department; I can understand your frustration, and can assure you that it wasn't at all our intention. I have taken the liberty of confirming that the matter of the unassigned Ashkandi has not been forgotten -- the Character Specialist assigned to your case should be in contact with your guildmaster sometime in the near future. In the meantime, your continued patience is much appreciated. :)
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