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Poster: Miru at 7/23/2006 5:41:31 PM PDT
Subject: The high price of honesty.
   Please help me with this.

Recently, I recieved page upon page in my mailbox of enchanting items. I was suspicious of this, so I petitioned it thinking that maybe someones account was compromised. I had never heard of the person sending me the items.

The petition was closed and I recieved no email, yes my email address with Blizzard is current.

Since in game support was lacking, I started returning the items. I returned 4 pages worth of enchanting materials, worth several hundred gold, to the character in question, when I saw the letter from an in game friend saying he had quit the game, and was sending me all of his stuff from an alt.

He wont log in again, and whats worse is this - I petitioned to get the items back that I had returned, and a GM in game and got the response that the WoW mail system only shows 50 letters at a time. Because of this limitation, I couldnt see the in game mail from my friend saying that the sudden flood of items was legit.

The GM also told me that he would not be able to get the items back I had returned, and they would be destroyed after 30 days.

This is what I get for being an honest person and not wanting to take someones stuff because I thought their account was compromised?

Had a GM just responded to me in the first place and let me know about the limitations of the mail system, I might still have these items.

In game support has failed me on so many levels, but you guys are always so helpful here. Is there anything you can do to get these items back?

They would be on the character Unearthed on the Dunemaul realm, coming from me, Miru.

Please tell me something can be done.
Poster: Pavonum at 7/23/2006 6:28:31 PM PDT
Subject: Re: The high price of honesty.
   I'd like to apologise for any distress you may have been caused by the possible misinterpretation that arose during your previous correspondence with our department, Miru, as that was not our intention in the slightest. I have taken the liberty of passing the pertinent information regarding your situation to a Game Master who shall give the matter further review and see whether we may be of any additional assistance. In the meantime, friend, your patience is appreciated. I wish you the best in your efforts to address this issue. :)
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