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Poster: Jalnaar at 7/23/2006 4:39:40 PM PDT
Subject: Worth reporting or not? ((Would like a blue))
   Earlier I was in hillsbrad and started the Battle of Hillsbrad quest. The first two parts of this quest require you to kill the numerous and not so numerous farmers, farmhands and peasanta as well as 2 specific named mobs, Farmer Getz and Farmer Ray. When I got there there were two mages running around the fields aggroing all the mobs and AOEing them. Not a problem right? So I thought. After all they were only lvl 22 and 24. Somehow they were managing to clear all three fields and the mobs inbetween in about 5 minutes and were hitting the fields as they respawned making it impossible to tag any mobs. I decided to camp the field Farmer Getz spawns in only to discover that they were some how working so fast and with suck precision that Using arcane explosion would only tag one mob out of the field. Now they were repeatedly asked by other players to at least be polite enough to let the people doing the quest at the named mobs but despite numerous whispers there was never any response. Two lvl 60's were brought in to see if they could be deterred and even with the 60's taking most of the mobs the two still continued folowing the same pattern and attempting the same kills. After a few minutes of the 60s AOEing the 22 mage took off only to return about 10-15 mins later and start up again. The other continued the kiling pattern the entire time he was gone. In fact they are working so well (and I must add that they have not made one single error. all spells are cast at the exact same point on the fields as they were cast the run before) that the horde players have stopped trying to do the Bottle of hillsbrad questline ecept for two of us who were able to call in lvl 60 players to clear the mobs before them so we could get quest credit.

I'd like to know if the machine like routine(compunded by the precisness. No offence but most players can't cast the exact same spells at the exact same place as they did the run before unless resorting to bots.) is enough indication to file a report for suspected botting. Its really bad we have to resort to bringing in lvl 60 players just to get the quest mobs for this quest despite asking them to share. Of course they could just be jerks in which case we'll just have to camp the place with a raid of mages and overlap AOE patterns.))
Poster: Pavonum at 7/23/2006 5:46:51 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Worth reporting or not? ((Would like a bl
   While I am not personally certain of the exact circumstances under which these players appear to have monopolised Hillsbrad Fields, Jalnaar, I would always encourage you to bring anything you find suspicious to our attention via in-game petition; the "Harassment" category should suffice. When you file your ticket, please include the players' names, a brief description of their activities, and an approximate timeframe during which they occurred, so that we may conduct a more in-depth investigation based on that information.

One thing I wish to point out, however, is that the act of killing mobs repeatedly in such a manner as you have described is not, in and of itself, considered to be a violation of our policies. Should it become evident that the sole intent behind such behaviour is to disrupt or otherwise diminish others' gameplay, however, reports from concerned players may result in our looking into the matter further; in some cases, such an attempt to "grief" one's peers may be deemed "physical harassment" if it persists after having been asked to cease by a Game Master. These matters are decided upon on a case-by-case basis, though, and the outcome (and possible repercussions) may vary depending on the situation.
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