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Poster: Slosh at 7/23/2006 4:39:28 PM PDT
Subject: Honor lost with transfer
   I recently transfered this character and wanted to try and keep my Honor progression steady. So basically before I did the transfer I made sure I got enough Honor to gain a rank even with the character not playable during the transfer time.

My time line:
1) Tuesday -> maintenance
2) Sunday -> 80-100K Honor, initiate transfer
3) Tuesday -> maintenance
4) Wednesday -> transfer complete

My honor calculation during (3) shows me as rank 7 on my old realm. On my new realm I am still rank 6 (the same Honor I had at (1) minus the Honor decay).

So it seems like a week's Honor just got wiped out due to the transfer AND I eat the Honor decay as well.

I knew I would be subject to the Honor decay as this was clearly stated on the character transfer service, there was no indication that all Honor during the week would be wiped out though.

Is this what was supposed to happen or was it an error?
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Poster: Pavonum at 7/23/2006 5:25:40 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Honor lost with transfer
   I'm sorry to say, Slosh, that I believe what you have experienced is a known limitation when transferring characters between realms by way of free realm transfers or the Paid Character Transfer service. The following is taken from our Character Transfer FAQ, and should prove illustrative in describing the issue in more detail; note the underline:

Q u o t e:
How do you handle pvp rank, honorable kill and contribution points after a character is moved?

Your character's Honor system rank (calculated each week during the Tuesday maintenance) will transfer to the designated realm. However, if you participate in PvP after the maintenance but prior to transferring your character to the new realm, you will lose the honorable kills and contribution points you earned for that period prior to the transfer. For example, if you log back on to your original realm after the maintenance, earn 40 honorable kills, and then decide to transfer to the new realm, then when you log on to the new realm you'll find that you've maintained your Honor system rank, but you'll have lost the Honor points for the 40 kills. To avoid losing any of your progress toward the next Honor system rank, please be sure to transfer your character to the new realm before you participate in PvP again.

Thus, the Honor that you gained between maintenance on Tuesday and the initiation of your transfer on Sunday may very well have been lost in the process of moving your character, as you are no longer being considered in the Honor calculations for your old realm. Just to be certain, check your Honor after the next maintenance, but regrettably there is no guarantee that it shall be recovered. I am truly sorry, however, for any frustration this may have caused. Let us know if there's anything more we can do. :)

Character Transfer FAQ:
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