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Poster: Alfy at 7/23/2006 2:02:26 PM PDT
Subject: BG Expoilt
   I know that in many servers there are people who farm honor from BG between 2 groups of people from 2 different faction. This is one of the main reason I stop playing WoW, as I can NEVER catch up with faction organize honor farming. Once I heard that over 50,000 account has been suspend or revoke due to botters, farmers and honor farmer, I came back.

Now I am in new server, Blackwind Lair. Current there are is already 2 group of people performing faction organize farming. Mailing people from the guild of Ideal Lesson and Haters, and a few more individual. I understand these fact not by reading through the forum and disappointed of what is going on. I knew these fact because I was there in a few games with these teams and see certaiun action, I have no way of explaining unless they have made certain arrangement. For example holding on flag in WSG for certain period, not placing in post, for no reason, until opposite place down our faction flag, in their post.

I am not aware whether Blizzard takes any action or investigating sure complaints or not. To my knowledge, Blizzard doesn't care so long they not botters or power leveling services.

Many of us who played numberous hours a day and played BG like anyone else and spent dedicated time in BGs. Hoping that we will rank up to level 14 and enjoy all the uber items. However, because of such people who co-operate between factions, we will never ever make it, never, ever. Unless we join them to do such dishonorable acts.

I wonder will Blizzard trade the happiness of these 2 dozen or so individuals for the happiness of 3,000 or more individual who played hard and as loyal to the game?

Please respond as I my account is due on 25th, I need to consider renewing or cancel and move on to other MMORPG.
Poster: Kaone at 7/23/2006 2:08:36 PM PDT
Subject: Re: BG Expoilt
   Hi Alfy,

Such activities are indeed against our policies. I would recommend contacting Game Masters in-game regarding the issue at times when you feel such practices are underway. The reason for petitioning at those times is that the Game Master will likely want to witness and investigate the behavior. A system of organized trading of honor between faction would be considered to be an exploit of the intended game mechanics for the Honor system.
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