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Poster: Carlnextdoor at 7/23/2006 7:48:35 AM PDT
Subject: 3 weeks, no characters on forum.
   I had this in tech support for over a week but it would seem that forum is about as popular as wet farts from a stripper giving you a lap dance........any whoooo....

I moved some characters via the trnsfer service a couple weeks ago, all went well except that now I cannot choose any of those characters to post on the forums with. And as we all know unless you're a 60 you dont know what you're talking about so I need an answer to this forum breaking issue immediately. Of course by this logic I dont know what I'm talking about right now.....uh...yeah.

Also when I log in to the game the realms I have characters on do not accurately reflect the amount of characters I have on them. The realm I moved from shows 4 characters and the realm I moved to shows 1. All characters are at the selection screen but it's still odd.

A database error or something maybe?
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Poster: Kaone at 7/23/2006 10:09:22 AM PDT
Subject: Re: 3 weeks, no characters on forum.
   Hello Carlnextdoor,

Characters moved via the Paid Character Transfer system or from realms that were migrated can take some time to update on the forums. This is something we are aware of and are looking into. In the meantime I apologize for the inconvenience of not being able to display your avatar.
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