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Poster: Elfguard at 7/22/2006 8:34:49 PM PDT
Subject: Unable to install PTR
   Each time i try to install the PTR it says...

"Patching Cannot be completed because the patch archive is corrupt

File name: World of"

and im saving this in the "World of Warcraft" Directory, (this is the PC version also)please get bact to me as soon as you can.

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Poster: Pavonum at 7/22/2006 9:17:28 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Unable to install PTR

Q u o t e:

The Game Master Dept, to my knowledge, doesn't handle PTR issues. batta posted a sticky, just to offer players directions to means of getting help. His sticky is here:

Yep, Silm is correct; the Game Master Department, regrettably, does not offer any support for the Public Test Realms. You are welcome, however, to consult the Quality Assurance representatives who watch over the Test Realm Forum, and see if they can provide any insights into your issue. In any case, friend, may Fortune smile on you. :)

Test Realm Forum:
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