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Poster: Demnar at 7/22/2006 6:33:10 PM PDT
Subject: Unacceptable behavior
   Being a casual wow player I like to take time to prepare for things, and usually have a short window to complete instances. Prior to every Insdtance group I lead I set guidlines with all members, and will remove any non-helpfule players from raid or group with no hesitation.

I'd like to see the kick time decreased when a player is removed from a raid/instance. I have come across some poor players that will actually make a whole party wipe by aggro'ing bosses that you could avoid. this is very disruptive to gameplay, and poor sportsmanship
Poster: Pavonum at 7/22/2006 6:57:07 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Unacceptable behavior
   While I understand your concern, Demnar, as well as your desire to be able to exercise more control over the groups that you lead, I'm afraid that what you're asking for is a change to the development or design of World of Warcraft, over which the Game Master Department has no jurisdiction. As such, I'd recommend posting a topic regarding your opinions on our Suggestions Forum, so that it may be given further perusal by those with the authority to take your ideas into consideration. I wish you the best, friend. :)

Suggestions Forum:
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