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Poster: Midil at 7/22/2006 12:07:29 PM PDT
Subject: Isn't the point of an e-mail... that banned players can contact the GM department and work it out?

If so, it's horribly failing.

Three days ago I got banned from the forums (as did half of the Terenas realm because of our sever trouble, but that's another thread for another forum.)

Three days ago I sent an e-mail to No reply.

Two days ago I sent a follow up e-mail to the same address. No reply.

One day ago, no reply.

Today, my ban has expired. No reply.

So, what is the point of this e-mail, if no one checks it or responds to it?


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Poster: Caerrus at 7/22/2006 1:19:52 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Isn't the point of an e-mail...
   I'm sorry for the confusion, Midil; but this is not an issue that our Game Master staff is able to assist with.

In order to dispute any action which was taken against your account here on the World of Warcraft Forums, it is necessary to contact our Forum Moderators at (as you have done). It may take some time for them to respond to you, but they should be able to provide you with further insight into why your account was penalized. Please keep in mind that posting on these forums is a priviledge, and abusing that priviledge may be cause for a suspension or ban from the forums.

The Forum Moderators are not a part of the Game Master Department; they are, instead, members of the Community Team. In order to submit feedback regarding the Community Team, please e-mail

The Game Master Department does permit players to dispute action that has been taken against an account and affects the in-game status of the account. In order to dispute this type of action, players will need to contact our Account Administration Department at

If a player would like to submit feedback on their experience with a particular Game Master (or the department as a whole), they should contact

I hope this helps clear up any confusion that this has caused. I'm sorry that you have not yet received a response from our Forum Moderators; but I do appreciate your patience.
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