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Poster: Urkonn at 7/21/2006 2:51:19 PM PDT
Subject: Character Transfer to Wrong Realm
   I recently did a paid character transfer-- I was trying to move my character to Whisperwind, where several of my other characters, and my friends' characters, had already moved.

I went through the process as I had before, being careful at every step to make sure that the right realm was selected.

When I went to log on after confirming the transfer, I found she had been moved to Windrunner instead.

Now, it's possible that this was a result of multiple mistakes that I was careful-- to the point of paranoia-- to avoid. Or possibly there was some sort of bug with the transfer service.

But I really, really wanted to move to Whisperwind, not Windrunner. This isn't an attempt to server-hop. I haven't even logged in with her on the incorrect server, to avoid any appearance of that.

I know there is normally a 6-month cooldown assocaited with a transfer, but this was a mistake-- mine or someone else's -- and it will have an enormous effect on my enjoyment of the game if I can't get my character on the intended server. Is there anything that can be done?
Poster: Pavonum at 7/21/2006 11:08:13 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Character Transfer to Wrong Realm
   While I'm not entirely certain why you would have been referred to the Game Master Department for a resolution, Urkonn, given that we have no involvement whatsoever in the Paid Character Transfer service, I'm afraid that your best recourse is to contact Billing regarding this matter. It pains me to say, however, that we shall very likely not be able to reverse your error, as one of the disclaimers for the service is that transfers are not reversible. That said, you may contact Billing via e-mail ( or phone (1-800-59-BLIZZARD) between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific time, Monday through Friday. In any case, friend, I wish you the best in your efforts. :)
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