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Poster: Mallice at 7/21/2006 2:43:37 PM PDT
Subject: Mallice's Player To Player FAQ
   Welcome to my attempt at making this whole process run more smoothly for all parties involved!

I've been through most of the ups and downs that can be had with World of Warcraft, and in return, i hope to spread a little knowledge with my fellow players.

But Mallice, there is already an FAQ!
I know this, but my aim is to create a comprehensive peer to peer explanation for a lot of the common questions through my own experience in game and on these boards.

Let's begin!

Question: I was grouped with a player who seemed to have "roll hacks."
What you've seen is a mathematical coincidence. The algorithm to calculate and provide the numbers that people roll, (whether by /random, /roll or /random #) is hosted entirely Serverside. While there really is no way to generate a completely random number, these are very complex mathematical systems that are as close to random as possible. But as is such with both random and psuedorandom numbers, patterns can and will form from time to time. Here's an example most people should recognize: On the show "The Price is Right", there is a game called "Plinko." Basically, a large plastic area with blocks in a pattern are used to steer a disc that is dropped from the top into one of many containers at the bottom. When the disk is dropped, it has a very large number of paths it can take, and while it usually doesn't take the same path twice, it can and has happened. There is currently no physical means of "roll hacking", aside from a full siege on Blizzard's servers, which is both illegal and virtually impossible.

Question: I've been hacked and am waiting for my items It's taking forever!
As a survivor of an account compromise, i can tell you this, it's far more complex than we imagine. The steps to restore gear aren't just: Step 1: Look into the logs at what gear this character had. Step 2: Restore. Blizzard has to first ensure that the account is yours, then item specialists look through the logs and try to piece together what happened. As I'm not a Blizzard employee, that's about the extent of my knowledge. We can assume that there are a large number of item restoration requests every day, and that they do things on a first come, first served basis, so exercise a bit of patience and remain calm, they'll get you your stuff back! (I got mine eventually too!)

Question: I don't like my character's name/race/gender, can I please have this changed?
The short answer is usually no, these variables will not be changed. The exception is when a name violates the naming policy (

Question: I reported a botter/hacker/exploiter and they are still there doing it!
Much like item restorations, reports of people abusing game mechanics and/or using third party programs to play his or her characters for them, more than likely are piling in by the second. Have faith that Blizzard will address the situation, but they will probably not ban someone at first notice of the problem. Investigations into the player in question's behavior have to be made to ensure that he or she is indeed breaking the rules with his or her conduct

Question: What can you tell me about this upcoming patch/unreleased content?
The response to this is in most cases going to be something along the lines of nothing, depending on the circumstances. Patch details are released when they are ready to be released, or hinted at on the general forums by someone like Eyonix or Tseric.

Question: Can I transfer ownership to a friend when I quit the game?
The answer here is 100% always going to be no. It's a clear violation of the EULA (;jsessionid=15989D32BE6B10F8B1672C9EE571C056.app03), and therefore punishable by one or more different things, including suspension and banning.

Question: Shouldn't this be like that?
The answer is "maybe". This forum is intended to help players with in game issues, and most threads of this type should be posted in the suggestions forum. Blues don't post there often, but I assure you, they read it

Open up the support panel in game, click stuck and try using auto-unstuck, this will send you to your hearth location, otherwise use the other button to page a GM.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head, I will be adding more as I see necessary or pertinent.

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Poster: Batta at 7/21/2006 2:52:56 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Mallice's Player To Player FAQ
   This has my seal of approval - Batta bing!

Thanks for aiding your fellow players by passing along some helpful information, Mallice. I look forward to reading your updates! ; )

Edited to remove redundancy.

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