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Poster: Talah at 7/20/2006 10:14:28 PM PDT
Subject: Feared past an instance entrance
   Hi everyone.

I've been running around IF this afternoon, doing rogue-ish kind of things. I zoned into the Deeprun Tram, and a Priest saw me unstealthed so of course hit the Psychic Scream button.

I was feared back past the instance entrance, without it zoning me out. I'm now dancing behind the instance entrance. I am unable to shoot or be shot at (I get the "Target not in line of sight" message). If someone complained about this, would it somehow be against the ToS?

I don't want stuffing with people in IF to put a negative mark against my account.
Poster: Berghe at 7/20/2006 11:05:04 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Feared past an instance entrance

I've looked into the specific location, the Tram in Ironforge, and it doesn't appear that either party (Horde or Alliance) is able to have any type of hostile interaction - as such I currently see no issue with a character being behind the instance portal.

I would like to state that if such a situation were to arise where a player was behind an instance portal and both parties (Horde and Alliance) were able to interact in Player vs. Player (PvP) combat this would be acceptable, as there is a PvP solution (on a PvP realm).

If only the character behind the instance portal was able to engage the opposite faction action would most likely be taken, I would strongly advise against such behavior. You may wish to note our Exploitation and Client/Server Manipulation Policy, specifically the 'Abuse of Game Mechanics' category here (

Q u o t e:
Abuse of Game Mechanics

The distinction between exploiting bugs and abusing game mechanics is a fine one. While bug exploitation involves the abuse of what is essentially a programming mistake, the abuse of game mechanics is the act of taking advantage of the limitations of the World of Warcraft game systems. Since the line between the sanctioned use and the abuse of game mechanics is sometimes unclear, we prefer to educate players before taking any action against the account being used.

This category includes using/distributing game mechanics in a manner unintended by their design that:

  • Damages another character, their gameplay, the service itself and/or its economy

    If a player is found to have abused/distributed such game mechanics, he/she may:

  • Be given a verbal warning
  • Subsequent related offenses will result in temporary suspension from the game

  • I hope this answers your question! Have fun in Ironforge. ;)
    Sic vis pacem, para bellum!

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