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Poster: Vigor at 7/20/2006 8:28:55 PM PDT
Subject: GM's need to be People, Not Macros.
   Ever noticed how all the GM's that help someone out seem to have the same banal expression to them? About how their open ended question seems to be answered in the same manner as if someone were just asking a yes or no question? It's because for the most part, that person is not talking to the GM, they are talking to the Macro'd hand being put up by GM's in-game.

After waiting about an hour for assistance in a Stuck matter @ 3:30 am. I recieved the same runaround for answers as to why it takes a GM so much time to click two buttons. :) No explanation, no compensation, just "If you do not have any more questions, I shall move on to other players." I work at a video store chain around the BLOCK, and if I just stopped answering questions right in the middle, I believe I would lose my job, for not satisfying and meeting the customer's needs. If someone cannot satisfy the customer, direct them to where they can be helped and have their questions concerns answered. Cinterome was my GM for "addressing" my issues. However, he didn't answer any of my questions and I feel no more stuck now then last night.

Please get to this asap.
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Poster: Pavonum at 7/20/2006 10:49:54 PM PDT
Subject: Re: GM's need to be People, Not Macros.
   While I understand that you are frustrated, Vigor, I'm afraid that this forum is not the proper avenue through which your dissatisfaction should be expressed; if you wish to offer comments or concerns regarding the service you have been provided by our department, I would urge you to e-mail with as many details as you can recall. That way, the proper authorities can determine how we may further improve our future dealings with players. Thanks for your assistance, friend. :)

As for the actual matter about which you wish to lodge a complaint, I've reviewed the conversation you had with the Game Master in question; it looks as though the source of your frustration is the fact that we are unable to offer any sort of compensation in the event that players happen to become stuck. Even though the Game Master had already stated that such a service would unfortunately not be available, you persisted in that line of questioning; as nothing could be gained from further discussion on the matter, he informed you that he would be moving on to assist other players if there were no other in-game issues with which he may be of assistance. The purpose behind this is to ensure that we are able to offer the utmost in expedience when dealing with all players' inquiries; if no further resolution may be provided by us, there is little reason not to move on to another issue.

While I can see why you might feel rebuffed by this, this was not our intention in the slightest; please understand that there are a number of inquiries (read: thousands) which must be addressed on any given day, and entering into a conversation that shall prove fruitless merely impedes our ability to help other players. We were regrettably unable to assist further, of which you were informed multiple times, and the Game Master opted to step back rather than enter into an argument. I do apologise, however, for any distress you may have been caused, and hope that this explanation has been of some clarification. If you have any other questions, please do let us know how we may be of further help. :)
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