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Poster: Tontsekz at 7/20/2006 6:45:30 PM PDT
Subject: Item restoration taking a long time...
   Hey GMs and all.

Normally I am not one to bother others for updates however its been so long... I've lost track of how long but i'd say 4.. maybe 5 weeks since my initial report of my account being compromised.

I've since gone out and found new items and stuff but I would still like all my old gear seeing as i'll be up for a new mount in the next week or so and could use a bit of dosh in my pocket ;)

If a GM could let me know how my restoration is going I would be very, very happy :)
Poster: Pavonum at 7/20/2006 7:13:40 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Item restoration taking a long time...
   I've confirmed that you're still in-queue to be addressed by our Investigators, Tont, so you may rest assured that you haven't been forgotten; beyond that, however, I'm afraid that I'm not able to offer any accurate estimate as to when you shall actually be contacted regarding the results of our research. It can take some time (occasionally several weeks) for these matters to be thoroughly resolved, but we'll take care of you in due time. Your patience until then is much appreciated, friend. I wish you the best in your restoration. :)
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