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Poster: Coner at 7/20/2006 3:32:33 PM PDT
Subject: Another deleted char on a canceled account
   Blue, Can you please tell me if my wife has any chance of recovering a deleted character on an account she has not played in a long time.

I am trying to get her to play again, and now that the server transfers are finally here I think I can get her to come back. However this hinges on the possibility of getting her char back.

Is this something that is even possible to do?
Poster: Batta at 7/20/2006 4:59:12 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Another deleted char on a canceled accoun

Q u o t e:
It was a lvl 60 Night Elf Druid. not ubered in gear, but a few nice things. I am not looking to lie to Bliz, I prefer honesty, even if they say no.

Although restoration under any circumstances cannot be guaranteed, deleted level 60 characters are generally saved indefinitely. As Silm has stated, you will need to reactivate the account and submit an in-game petition with the character details and request for a restoration. The character will be restored to the state in which it was left when deleted, save for any time-sensitive material, honor rank, etc.

Good luck to you!
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