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Poster: Khaled at 7/20/2006 2:38:01 PM PDT
Subject: Non 800 billing phone number
   Im trying to reach billing support, Im calling outside the US and from my office at work since your representatives are only available to 6pm PST, 8pm my time (GMT -6), my problem is that my phone services does not allow me to dial toll free numbers. I tried calling from my cell phone and waiting for about 45 minutes without an answer. Said that I want to know if there is a phone number related to the toll free one.

I need to change my evening phone number, update my email and cancel a subscription for another account since I wont be able to transfer another character from this account to the other.
Poster: Berghe at 7/21/2006 5:29:28 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Non 800 billing phone number

I am sorry to say that we, the Game Master Department, doesn't have dialing information specific to regions outside of North America. I would suggest consulting a phone book or, as some players have mentioned, your local phone operator. The only contact information we have to provide for Billing is located on this page:

I apologize again, Khaled. I hope this works for you. :(
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