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Poster: Khorde at 7/20/2006 7:27:09 AM PDT
Subject: A server for us...

Why couldn't servers with a focus on dungeon content be released?

The last of the dungeon content we have seen was Dire Maul! Jeeesh that was a ways back. Since then we've seen several raid instances put into the game with itemization that makes dungeon gear obsolete.

So alot of players in WoW struggle witht the fact that they can't participate in any nerw content or obtain competitive gear without raiding. Either because they can't get with a raiding guild or because they choose not to.

Many people would prefer to play in dungeon groups. Personally I belong to a guild consisting of friends and family (10 of us). Why isn't there any content developed for this large growing faction of people? Why should we be forced to join with a large group of strangers, play on thier schedule and participate in thier item currency (DKP) system?

We have all tried, we have been to MC and BWL, it's just not fun. Many people feel the same way and do it only out of necessity to explore new content but primarily to get items that will allow them to remain competitive in PvP.

Many people would love to PvP most of thier time in game. The enjoyment of this is ruined by facing opponents in Tier3 epixxx with weapons whos low damage beats out top end damage of most dungeon weapons.

So is that it for dungeons Blizz? Everything revolves exclusively around raiding content?

Many people I've spoken too plan to make a change in thier gasming habits, WoW is not about fun anymore, it's not about "hey what dungeon should we do tonight" or "Yo lets melt some faces in BG's tonight"'s all about "Ok everyone meet in Kargath at 18:00 for the same old same old".

Blizz please give us choices, you guys have proven your creativty is unparrelled in the field imo. But it's slipping. Alot of peeps perception of Blizz as provider of fun and entertaining games are rapidly changing that perspective and I think it could hurt you guys in the long run if you continue down this path.
Poster: Kaone at 7/20/2006 9:45:03 AM PDT
Subject: Re: A server for us...
   Hello Khorde,

Unfortunately this forum is not the correct one for posts of this nature. Discussions of this topic should be held on the General Discussion Forum at:

If however you are proposing that World of Warcraft needs a greater emphasis on non-raid dungeon content then I would re-word your post and post it on the Suggestions Forum at:

Good luck.
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