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Poster: Nad at 7/19/2006 10:05:47 PM PDT
Subject: Saved to the incorrect instance.
   My issue is that I went to Molten Core with my guild but when I entered, I was saved to the wrong instance. All 39 other raid members went on to their own and I was left alone saved to a different raid ID.

We both had brand new instances and I had not been in MC in any way since it reset. So, I submitted a ticket.

Two hours later, after staying online in hope of making the end of the raid, I was semi-assisted by GM Veskryn.

First may I note that Veskryn's replies were unusually delayed and somewhat mispelled leading me to think that he was struggeling with replies and copying them directly from a source, be it your knowledge base or a handy chart on the cube wall.

Veskryn seemed very unconcerned with troubleshooting my issue in any way and immediatly went into apologizing. That was very annoying since it seemed he was more concerned with making me less likely to email that pointless complaint address and less concerned with actually addressing my issue.

The resolution presented was that "Blizzard is aware of the issue" - I immediatly checked the bug, general and customer service forums and found no thread in the first couple pages... doesn't mean it's not in here somewhere but I didn't see it. So that made me feel like it was just another generic answer.

I asked Veskryn if he was able to reset my instance ID and he replied with an actual answer, no. I stated that I did not feel that he was capable of resolving my issue and that I was not pleased with a "we're working on it and we'll get back to you answer." I asked for a time frame, should I wait out the night or was this something that would take longer? GM Veskryn was able to give me anything other than "It is unknown at this time."

Seriously, if someone has to access a database or whatever to fix this - someone who probably isn't working this late at night - at least say it won't be fixed in the next 2 hours. Give me SOMETHING.

Not pleased with the dance that GM Veskryn had done around the issue at hand, I told him I was not happy with this attempt at a resolution. If this is customer service, all GM Veskryn did was acknowledge that I was a customer, apologize that I wasn't a happy customer and then failed when it came to service. Maybe the name should be changed to Customer Promises?

Finally, not pleased with my resolution, I asked if there was a way to keep my ticket open when I logged off. I did not want an automated email tomorrow morning when I wake up thanking me all over again for my patience and apologizing, telling me to wait a bit, the issue would be resolved. I wanted to log on with my issue documented and a GM to be able to answer me with any progress to resolving my issue.

The answer? No, tickets may not be left open.

Ok so there is no way for my ticket open except to fight off every time I was asked "Is there something else I can help you with?" Funny, I didn't think my first issue had been resolved... I don't like being bullied into acceptance, that's silly customer service.

So here I am on the forums hoping that I can receive an answer to my issue and maybe some sort of sense to why Blizzard has taken this approach to Customer Service.

I had a valid issue.

I did not receive an adequate response.

I believe that the GM I spoke with was not qualified to answer my questions and was simply there to appease the promise of a live GM being there to answer my complaint. That's not good customer service, plain and simple.

I'm not opposed to waiting for someone who can assist me but not having an appropraite method for my issue to be escalated to someone who can assist me or give me a direct answer is a failure to provide service.

I'll check this thread tomorrow, I hope it has more than promises.

Thank you for reading all that,

[ post edited by Nad ]
Poster: Pavonum at 7/20/2006 12:13:37 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Saved to the incorrect instance.
   Before all else, Nad, allow me to offer my most sincere apologies for any frustration you may have been caused by your previous correspondence with our department; if at any time you wish to offer comments or concerns regarding the service you've been provided by our representatives, I would urge you to e-mail That way, the proper authorities can determine how we may further improve our future dealings with players. Thanks for your assistance in our self-betterment, friend. :)

As for the actual matter about which you petitioned, allow me to explain the situation in a bit more detail. You see, earlier this afternoon we began receiving reports from players on Illidan that their Raid IDs for Molten Core had not reset. Further investigation was conducted once it became apparent that this issue appeared to be affecting the realm as a whole, rather than merely a few select groups, and steps were taken to determine the cause of the matter so that we could devise an appropriate resolution. This is where you come in.

When you submitted your petition, Nad, we were still in the process of gathering information regarding the situation, and attempting to figure out the best course of action to address the issue as a whole. I understand your dissatisfaction with what you felt were unnecessarily vague responses from the Game Master in question, but you must consider that, at the time, we simply did not possess the concrete details you desired; when such investigations are in their nascent stages, it is unfortunately not always possible to offer an accurate estimation as to when a more permanent resolution, or even further updates, shall be forthcoming. Please believe me when I say that, had we been able to provide more specific answers to your inquiries, we would have done so; it is not our goal to sow discontent among players, and we strive to assuage such concerns whenever possible.

As for your request to leave your petition open until some update as to the status of the issue could be provided, I'm sorry to say that, due to a number of logistical reasons, we are unable to offer this particular service to players under such circumstances as yours. The Game Master to whom you spoke, however, did direct you to the forums for more information, which is fortunate, as we have since made additional inroads into understanding the situation as it stands. I am pleased to announce that, after briefly restarting Illidan, we should have succeeded in resetting all Molten Core Raid IDs on that realm; this should allow you and your guild to run the instance together without any further difficulties. I do truly apologise, however, for any distress you may have been caused in the meantime. If there's anything more with which we may be of clarification, please do let us know. :)
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