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Poster: Nimrodel at 7/19/2006 1:48:51 PM PDT
Subject: Arcanum of Resilience
   Will using an Arcanum of Resilience on a BoE item bind it to me? I'm trying to use my arcanum on a Dark Iron Helm for my alt. Thanks in advance.
Poster: Pavonum at 7/21/2006 12:30:23 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Arcanum of Resilience
   My testing has indicated that using a Lesser Arcanum of Resilience on a Bind-on-Equip item shall not bind it to you. This does not necessarily hold true for other item-based enchantments, however, such as those acquired from the Zandalar Tribe once one has achieved Exalted status, or the Chromatic Mantles of the Dawn, both of which will bind items to you upon enchanting them. If that's the case, though, you should receive a confirmation dialogue box confirming whether you wish to bind the item to you. :)
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