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Poster: Alantus at 7/19/2006 1:22:35 PM PDT
Subject: Realm population problem
   First of all I have no idea where the proper forum to post this is so I'm giving this a shot.

I got the game on day 1 and picked the first realm on the list, it said Garona PVE which was just what I wanted (or so I thought) a nice pve realm. I proceeded to make my horde toon and the game is great.

Now I have a huge problem. Paid character transfers have been enabled and severe population tilt (horde vs alliance) hasn't been addressed in this. Garona has the LOWEST horde population of any server which has been around since day 1. Now that isn't to say the server isn't full, it is, its full of alliance. The paid transfers allowed horde to transfer out and alliance to transfer in despite the fact that we already had an 80% alliance presence.

I have spent alot of time leveling up toons and I really want my toons on the same server. I also want to raid in a place where the paltry horde guilds don't keep dying because they can't recruit anybody with a clue. Of the 3 guilds we had to kill Nef 2 have blown up and the third just managed to kill Twins last week. That is correct, server started on day 1 and currently has 1 guild that kills Nef and they managed to kill Twins once.

Now I'm sure your wondering why I don't just transfer, well I want all my toons on the same server (i have all tradeskills maxed, 4 level 60's and 2 more over level 50) and to transfer 7 toons would be rather expensive. I currently can't afford to do it and furthermore if I could I don't I should have to pay for such transfers as this situation should have been addressed by Blizzard in a proper fashion and has been ignored.

With the next patch the one thing Garona Horde had in its favor (instant BG queue times) will be gone. I guess the server is going 100% alliance, I don't know.

I wish Blizzard wouold go ahead and kill it off, I think free character transfers are in order.

Thank you for reading
Poster: Batta at 7/20/2006 1:31:19 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Realm population problem

Q u o t e:

1. Is this the proper forum to post this on?

2. Does Blizzard care? Its not like its a minor problem, I think its the most extreme case of population imbalance on any server.

This would be better off posted on our Suggestions forum. Realm and faction population balancing is very important to us, and is something we are constantly striving to improve. If you have any ideas for helping us to balance the populations of Alliance and Horde on Garona, or any other realm, we'd love to hear your suggestions.
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