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Poster: Elarriae at 7/18/2006 10:26:07 PM PDT
Subject: Will my 'highest rank' ever be restored?

For three weeks now I have been waiting for my character to be fixed -- I was a month ago at rank 10, a feat which took me a good long while (lots of pvpers on our server), and I bought the new armor, then had to go on a trip for two weeks. I came back, and then my character was no longer able to equip the rank 10 gear, and the game was claiming that I had only ever been a rank 9. Obviously I have been rank 10 since I bought this armor (proof enough that I had the rank now that you need the rank to buy the gear), so I should be able to wear it.

I can't email CS since my email address on my account is incorrect, and I can't fix that since the 1-800 has been busy for like 3 weeks now during business hours. I did get a GM once, who said it was a known issue, but that's all I got. When will this be fixed? If I knew my character was bugged, I wouldn't have renewed when I returned from my trip, and this month's fees have now been wasted since I can't play my character (well, I can without half my armor I guess). I'd like to know if it'll be fixed by the end of month when I'll have to pay yet again for a bugged character..


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Poster: Kaone at 7/20/2006 5:26:16 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Will my 'highest rank' ever be restored?
   Hi Elarriae,

While you are working on updating your email address I would recommend you also open a new petition in-game to a Game Master as soon as you can. In this ticket be sure to explain the problem you are having and which items are affected. The Game Master will be able to look into this matter for you.
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