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Poster: Shortnhairy at 5/18/2006 11:50:20 AM PDT
Subject: Cross Faction Alliances
   This was more of an issue on my server a few months back then it is now, but I feel the point still needs to be addressed. What is Blizzards position on Cross-Faction Alliances? I have never seen an official response, and every GM ticket/conversation Ive had has ended up with more questions than answers.

The issue with the concept is this. With outdoor raid bosses, if a horde/alliance guild make a deal via 3rd party communication tools (voice chat, text messengers etc) then it becomes impossible for any guilds that do not want to make a similar alliance to prevent the kills, even on a PvP server.

Example: Say you have Horde guild A, and Alliance guild B. Horde guild A and Alliance guild B make a deal to swap outdoor raid bosses. Whenever a boss spawns, both guilds will be there ready for action. On the surface, this doesnt sound like a problem.. however in practice it is. Lets say Horde guild C comes in and wants to try to kill the Dragon. Alliance guild B will be there ready to stop them, (which on a PvP server is fine). If Horde guild C is there in strong enough numbers, then Horde guild A will simply kill the dragon with nothing that Horde guild C can do about it. Barring the use of same-faction griefing, there is no way Horde guild C will have a shot at getting the kill.

Lets take it a step further.. and say that it is decided that Alliance guild B will get the next boss kill, DESPITE horde guild C being there to stop them. In order for this to happen, all Alliance guild B must do is tag the Boss, then allow Horde guild A to grab agro and kill it for them. Alliance guild B will be able to loot it, and there is nothing Horde guild C can do to stop it.

With no way of communicating cross-faction in game, it seems counterintuitive to have alliances be necessary, yet in the current outdoor boss system, its strongly encouraged. Is this sort of tactic intended or acceptable? If not, its currently being ignored by GMs.
Poster: Batta at 5/18/2006 1:44:31 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Cross Faction Alliances
   Good day, Shortnhairy. To clarify our stance regarding the activities you've reported, Blizzard Entertainment does not condone cross-faction alliances. For example, an Alliance guild working in conjunction with a Horde guild to share outdoor raid boss kills is considered an exploitation/abuse of game mechanics.

This is similar to cross-faction trading of kills in a Battleground. It is best to report these situations as they arise via an in-game petition, but it will likely require the first-hand witnessing of a Game Master. I am very sorry for the frustration this has caused your Guild. The actions you've reported provide a clearly unfair advantage for those who partake, which requires working around the intended game mechanics.

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