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Poster: Klngkong at 8/24/2006 9:29:43 AM PDT
Subject: Blizzard you disappointed us
   I have a friend who recently got banned because he connects from China.
His account is SOLOMON965.
He was a great player and he has been raiding with us for months.
He is the among the ones with the highest DKPs in guild and he has T1/T2 Dragonfang/perd.
And he is not a gold farmer.

His friends emailed blizzard, but your representitive replied that
only customers in North America, New Zealand,Australia, and Singapore
can play on american servers.

Sadly it is not true, 3 or more large guilds ( with 100+ account) are
HongKong based on Frostwolf server.

If you want to ban him, you also need to ban 700+ accounts on Frostwolf, because they are all playing from HongKong or China.

I am very disappointed at your customer service.
Here is why: There is a known gold farmer on Frostwolf server and I
have reported him for several times.
The last time I reported him was 1 month ago, and now he is still farming happily in Dire Maul 24/7 today, simply because he used a Hongkong IP address.
I talked to him once, and he told me he is a farmer and Blizzard will never ban him, because he plays in HongKong.

Good people get banned, and gold farmers still prevail.
A few people from our guild decide to cancel subscription including myself.

And please hire someone professional.

/PS there are people playing on US servers from Iraq, Japan and other countries and regions.

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Poster: Kaone at 8/24/2006 10:20:21 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Blizzard you disappointed us
   Hello Klngkong,

Your friend will need to continue contact with our Account Administration Department regarding this. Unfortunately concerns regarding closed accounts lie outside the area that other areas of our support departments can assist you or your friend with. In your friend's communication to Account Administration suggest to him that he provides as much information about who he is and where he is playing from while contesting this issue. The recommended contact method for our Account Administration Department is the Website E-mail Form on the World of Warcraft website at:

Good luck.
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