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Poster: Sophina at 8/24/2006 12:10:20 AM PDT
Subject: Dear Blizzard GMs, I have a quest...
   This quest is really causing me some great difficulty. After going up to each one of the needles in Thousand Needles and successfully climbing each, I proceeded to the Mirage Flats where I obtained a quest marked by a "red" exclamation mark above the head gnome's head.

The gnome told me I must take Elmer Dinky's toolkit to a far and away little land known as the mysterious GM Island. After I accepted the quest, the gnome proceeded to be kicked by a tauren present and as he went "splat!" right next to that one crashed racer on the cliffside of the flats, he screamed "ELMER DINKY CAN BE REACHED FOR ACCESS TO-" but then my friendly little gnome was finally six feet tall. Regardless...

My special red quest has a "Mystery Box" as a reward. And despite my misgivings and lessons learned about the... "shortcomings"... of mystery boxes, I am more drawn than ever to seek out that whimsical citadel known as GM Island. I've had the quest in my busy little log for months now, and I even jumped in delight when I found a GM short story on the WoW community page. But alas, it was useless relative to my endeavour...

After doing my research on the history, many locations, and perils surrounding the mystique of GM Island, I have determined that there is a non-moving entity more powerful than all the other bosses of Azeroth combined which no player shalt not cross, for the sake of attracting the ire of *that* which is Holier-than-Thou. This boss appears to be some kind of invisible wall that has the Vaelastraz-like ability to send the soul of those toons in question to some kind of virtual Purgatory in a certain matter of time no matter what one can do.

Help, Blizzard. I've consulted everything imaginable from Thott to old, dusty books on real estate ledgers. How do I defeat the Banisher Boss and succeed in my merry quest for the GM Island? I am hopeful my attempt to elicit the help of the GMs will prove fruitful.


Dear Blizzard GMs, I have a quest... This quest is really causing me some great difficulty.
Help me, Blizzard GMs, you're my only hope.
Poster: Pavonum at 8/24/2006 12:46:46 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Dear Blizzard GMs, I have a quest...
   My best recommendation to you if you wish to continue in your quest, Sophina, would be to contact the Masters of the Game via in-game courier; you may summon a messenger by manipulating the crimson question mark on your screen. When prompted for the message you wish to have inscribed on the scroll, please request that your character be moved to a more hospitable location, and a knight in shining blue robes shall be along shortly to rekindle chivalry in your life. Please remain patient while the courier travels, Sophina; his feet may be swift, but his journey is long and arduous. You may rest assured, however, that your plea for assistance shan't be ignored. May the Light guide you. :)

Q u o t e:
Must. Find. Out. What's. In. Mystery. Box.

The Mystery Box could be anything. It could even be a boat! You know how much we've wanted one of those!
Follow me... we are the shadows.

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