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Poster: Erkina at 8/23/2006 5:50:13 PM PDT
Subject: Account Ban Reversal based on good behavior.
   Hey my friend from a different server had his account banned on the accusation of being given a persons account name and password, and then went on it and sharded some of his stuff and stole the gold. He semi quit the game because of this but i was wondering, is there any way for his account ot be restored because this was a first time offense, and isolated incident? And also isnt their some hierarchy of offenses? Wouldn't this, because it was his first offense, ward like an infraction and suspension but not permaban? Has anyone seen this before?

We were talking yesterday and he was wondering if he could beg to get a character from his banned account transfered to a new account with limited items, paying the full fee. I told him probably not, but i was curious on your opinions.

A blue response would be appreciated.

EDIT: I believe the server was like Malfurion or something with an M

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Poster: Batta at 8/23/2006 6:19:15 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Account Ban Reversal based on good behavi
   In order to contest any actions taken against a player's account, or attempt to regain access to a closed account, that player will need to contact our Account Administration department:
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