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Poster: Worsh at 8/23/2006 4:50:42 PM PDT
Subject: What to do if your server is down
   Attention morons and complainers:


If your server is down, PLEASE believe me when I assure you: Blizzard is taking _ABSOLUTELY EVERY EFFORT_ to fix it.

I am the lead programmer for a web-exposed financial services application. When my app is down, I do not eat, sleep, breathe, think, or do anything else until it is BACK up. I can assure you that Blizzard is the same way.

I can also tell you that despite the best efforts of ANYBODY, things go wrong. Things you thought weren't going wrong will go wrong again. Things go wrong and you don't even know WHY they're going wrong, let alone have the ability to begin making them go right.

Of one thing I am certain though: THEY WILL FIX IT. Their _EVERY_ effort is devoted to fixing it right now.

There is not ONE (or even a half) of a Blizzard staff sitting on a couch somewhere going, "ZOMG those poor bastards on [insert your server here] are totally hosed!! I LOVE IT!"

I mean, don't be retarded. Imagine that you spent 5 years of your life developing a game that you WANTED people to play and it became wildly successful. Do you think you'd be sitting around doing NOTHING if it was having problems.

SHUT UP and let them do their jobs.
Poster: Batta at 8/23/2006 4:59:49 PM PDT
Subject: Re: What to do if your server is down
   Nixar, please don't play antagonist today. There are already enough people legitimately upset as a result of the pressing realm issues. = \
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