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Poster: Hopa at 8/23/2006 4:17:31 PM PDT
Subject: sugestions
   I been playing for 2 years. I feal cheated and lied to. I bought this game for the fact that warcraft, was about a WAR between good and evil. THe horde vs the Alliance, in the previouse games.

Now there is no war. The people who pvp like myself cant even get gear because we have to rank. And the time it takes to rank the gear isnt even up to par with the people who PVE all the time.

Where is the war blizzard?

I get up to play this thing called "battle grounds".

Lets look at battle grounds shall we.

WSG...CApture the flag.... CATPTURE THE FLAG! Why would I want to play capture the flag when i have sword or i can shoot fire out of my hand. Its sooooo pointless.

AB...AB is nice...But i can just go play BF2 if i want to capture and hold something. its nice but not fun after the thousand time.

AV...AV is soo nice, Kill the other guys general...BUt its a race. Half the time idont see any alliance. Eh not even fun.

So blizzard was i lied to?

WE have "contested" territorys. Why cant one faction take the other factions base and take control of the zone? WE could do that in Dark age of camalote. and in Lineage2.

And the pvp gear. I can spend 4 months to get the first set. While a PVEr can spend 4 months and get a teir 2 set that WAY out pars the first pvp set. THEN after the 6 months it takes to get to HWL. Nice gear but only better than teir 2. And between rank 1 and HWL there are NO weapons. AT all none. what so ever.

For people like me who only pvp. We get nothing. I feal lied to. ANd i see no good changes what so ever. Yeh bliz you gave us BG there went World pvp.

Then blizz you gave us teir sets...there went the game for all those who pvp.

See i have no choice. I have to pvp. I was formaly in the Marines. I cant sit for the 3 hours and 6 hours to do an instance because of my MOS.

Im not against the pve, i think its cool in its own right. But the pvp aspect of the game. Its pointless. It feals like ever quest and that is gay. It also feals like im not even playing warcraft any more. I loved the RTS and now....
Whats the point?

So blizz? you guys gonna make changes? Or you gonna lose alllll your PVPers to Warhammer online?

At least in warhammer online you can take towns over, control reagons, realm to realm pvp. Skermishes, Battles, Objective based battles and the best part... THE PVE> When the PVE players do somthing end game pve wise. It helps the pvpers. Like if the PVE guys clear a instance. The pvpers will get a cool is that?

Blizz, what would relaly make this game great. Is for the pvp sets. Make the first pvp just as good as the first teir set, and the second pvp set just as good as good as the teir 2 set. and make another pvp set just as good as the teir 3. and THEN. TAKE OUT THE FREAKING GRIND FOR ARMOR> I read thenew system i like it. Cmon, take out this frekaing grind. Make it to where it wouldnt be any longer to getting your pvp gear as the pve gear. And make it to where you get more honor in world pvp and this game would be the best MMORPG in the world
Poster: Pavonum at 8/23/2006 5:22:18 PM PDT
Subject: Re: sugestions

Q u o t e:
In the Marines, we tell each other if your loud you will be heard.

While there is no doubt that being loud improves the chance of being heard, Hopa, the fact remains that one's audience dictates whether one's opinions are regarded as mere noise or actual discourse to be understood and analysed. While your ideas are not necessarily without merit, the Game Master Department has no involvement whatsoever in the design or development of World of Warcraft, nor may we accept such propositions from players; thus, being loud in the Customer Service Forum -- which is moderated by Game Masters -- shall prove ineffectual. Instead, I would urge you to continue expressing yourself on our Suggestions Forum, which is perused by our Development Team, so that the intelligent discussion that arises may be given all due consideration by those who are responsible for such changes as those you desire. In any case, friend, I wish you the best. :)
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