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Poster: Caerrus at 8/23/2006 2:44:06 PM PDT
Subject: Top Issues - Patch 1.12 (Updated: 8/23/06)
   Hello everyone,

With the release of each new patch, it is likely that players will come across issues that we have not yet encountered. If you happen to discover a new issue at any time during your travels in Azeroth, the best place to report it would be the Bug Report Forum (link below). With that said, it is our hope to utilize this thread as a means of providing players with a list of the current issues that we are receiving reports of; as well as any solutions or work-arounds we are able to provide. This thread will be continually updated with the latest information as it becomes available to us.

Bug Report Forum:

Top Issues - Patch 1.12 - Last Updated: 8/23/06

  • When queuing for a Battleground as a group there is no text notification to you or your party members.
  • Players are not being put back into the cross-server battleground raid group after re-logging.
  • Mini-map pings not displaying in battlegrounds
      During cross-realm battlegrounds, mini-map pings are not displaying for players of other realms.
  • Getting kicked to the Character Select Screen
      Players are being sent to the Character Selection Screen after clicking "accept" to enter a battleground and they are no longer in queue when they log back in.
  • The gate isn't opening after completing the Rend event
      After completing the Rend Blackhand event in Upper Blackrock Spire, the gate isn't opening to allow players to progress to the next area.
  • Players becoming stuck under the world
      Due to the current realm issues, some players have fallen under the world and become stuck. Our suggestion, in this case, would be to petition a Game Master and request their assistance.
  • Players are unable to eat/drink in Eastern Plaguelands
      The Echoes of Lordaeron buff prevents players from sitting, drinking, eating, or laying down for more than a few seconds. Our Quality Assurance and Development Teams are aware of the issue and it is set to be resolved in a future patch.

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