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Poster: Baccardi at 8/23/2006 2:23:37 PM PDT
Subject: honor kills gone
   When I logged out earlier today I had almost 700 HKs, it seems my honor system didnt update from yesterday and it was still scoring everything together. When I logged back in it had seperated and listed 334 kills for yesterday and 15668 honor. But for today nothing at all no kills I should have over 300 kills for today what happened and will I get that honor back or am I just screwed outof them?
Poster: Batta at 8/23/2006 2:29:15 PM PDT
Subject: Re: honor kills gone
   The honor calculations may have been done late, causing any honor you've received today to fail to be reflected on your honor screen. This is a display issue that should correctly be updated after the next calculations are done in the morning.
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