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Poster: Kaone at 8/23/2006 11:34:08 AM PDT
Subject: Reminder Regarding AddOns
   Hi all,

Just a quick safety reminder. After downloading this patch, like after most large updates, many of you will want to obtain the latest required versions of several of your most needed User interface AddOns. While it is understandable that you may be in a rush to get your installation of World of Warcraft up and running the way you are familiar with, please take the extra time to ensure you are getting valid versions of these mods. There are higher chances of getting a Trojan on your computer if you download from a place you are not familiar with - even if it was "recommended" as the place to go by a friend or guildmate. Also be especially careful if the file is an executable .exe file. Such files are programs and can do whatever they are programmed to do to your system. The risk is much greater with executables than with .zip or .rar file types.

Remember also that User Interface AddOns are not directly supported by Blizzard Entertainment and can lead to a large variety of undesirable issues and problems in-game. Furthermore AddOns provide this opportunity for trojans or viruses to be installed on your computer system, which in turn are a very common cause of accounts becoming hacked or compromised. I would recommend reading over and discussing any concerns you have regarding a specific mod/AddOn on the UI & Macros Forum at:
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