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Poster: Zilu at 8/22/2006 9:18:45 PM PDT
Subject: Massive connection issues (not realm-wide)
   I've been running with no problems since patch 1.12 today. However, about 25 minutes ago, I was in an AQ40 raid on Kilrogg when our whole raid group fell through the world and died. Since that moment, I am unable to stay connected for more than 30-60 seconds at a time. No one else in the raid seems to have this problem. Is this problem occurring with other accounts on Kilrogg or other realms? Any suggestions?
Poster: Berghe at 8/22/2006 9:25:53 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Massive connection issues (not realm-wide
   There are unfortunately quite a few realm issues occurring at this moment, as detailed in this thread:

We're working to address these as soon as possible. If your guild mates are currently stuck under the world please have them submit an in-game petition and a Game Master will assist them as soon as possible. You may also wish to enlist the assistance of a fellow Warlock, if your guild mates are in a position to be summoned from the 'void'.

Good luck to you and your guild, Zilu. Please accept my apologies for this extremely inconvenient situation. :(
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