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Poster: Mindgames at 8/22/2006 6:42:38 PM PDT
Subject: Alt letters Yes or no?
   I know this is probbly in some FAQ or rules thread somewhere so dont link me to a thread with this question in it under piles of boring readings. I would like a blue to answer me if I a name is NOT provocitive(sp?) in ANY way with alt letters, dose it have to be changed? I see people reporting people with names like this and half the time nothing happens but I would like an answer.

So overall, if a Name that dose not violate the rules have alt letters (letters made by alt+keypad) is it allowed?
Poster: Batta at 8/22/2006 6:46:20 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Alt letters Yes or no?

Q u o t e:
This category includes both clear and masked names which:

* Are mildly inappropriate references to human anatomy or bodily functions
* Consist of any alphanumeric character not normally found on a standard 101/102 key keyboard (O§iri§, Ÿelena, Jašon; Does not apply to Guild or Pet Names unless used to impersonate an existing guild)
* Are references to illegal drugs or activities
* Have neutral or positive racial/ethnic/national connotations
* Have neutral or positive connotations of major religions or religious figures (i.e. Jesus, Christianity, Buddha)
* Include names of World of Warcraft realms, zones, or names of major characters from Warcraft lore
* Are otherwise considered inappropriate for the game world

Our policies may not be exciting or gratifying reading material; however, they will explain what is not permissable within the World of Warcraft.

[ post edited by Batta ]

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