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Poster: Gaoli at 8/22/2006 2:55:01 PM PDT
Subject: Help! Toon stuck in WSG Oblivion!
   OK - so I play a game of WSG to check out the Xrealm BGs - the match is lagged to hell and all but whatever still kind of cool -

Anyways - the match ends and no one could leave - the whole team just stuck in there ... couldnt afk out, couldnt even log off.

Finally after 15 minutes I alt tab out and manually close out of WoW with my task manager.

Now I cant login with this toon at all.
I get to character selection - hit enter world - and then the blue bar fills up and just stays there full ... indefinitely.
The background to the loading screen is the WSG background so I assume Im stuck in WSG somehow.

I can log in with alts perfectly fine ... it's just my main - GAOLI - that cannot log in at all.

Any advice? Im sort of partial to like playing this toon and stuff.

Thanks in advance

~G Ceci n'est pas une pipe
Poster: Caerrus at 8/22/2006 3:09:46 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Help! Toon stuck in WSG Oblivion!
   I would suggest that you log onto another character on your account and submit a petition as soon as possible, Gaoli. The Game Master who receives your petition should be able to assist you in this matter. The "stuck" issue itself is an issue that our Development Team is currently working to resolve. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and wish you the best.
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