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Poster: Mentality at 8/21/2006 1:04:31 PM PDT
Subject: Lost Items and GM "Rudeness"...
   Earlier today I filed a GM Ticket on this subject, details follow:

I had a lv 6 Gnome Rogue named Subrosa that I was planning on making into a twink.
This "Subrosa" was on my main's friends list.
I decided on my character screen one day that I wanted "Subrosa" to be a dwarf instead.
I deleted "Subrosa" and created Dwarf "Subrosa".
I then went in-game on my main to mail the following items:
Skeletal Club with a VERY expensive Lifestealing enchant.
Face Smasher with a VERY expensive +15 agility enchant.
Forest Leather Bracers with a moderately expensive +9 Stamina enchant
and some random greens to help leveling up faster.

I waited the hour by doing quests on "Subrosa".
I waited the 2nd hour with an open GM ticket on Mentality.
I waited the 3rd hour after talking to a GM who referred me to another "higher level" GM, for this "higher level" GM to contact me.
I waited the 4th hour being pissed about my ticket being closed before I got a response and there being nothing in my e-mail.
I'm now waiting the 5th hour for an explanation/compensation/fix.

I've composed a theory on what happened based on the circumstances, hopefully someone can tell me if this is plausible or not:

I deleted Subrosa and created Subrosa without logging onto Mentality, therefore Mentality's friend list didn't get a chance to remove the old Subrosa. (verified by the (i belived to be) trivial fact that there was indeed a "Subrosa" on my friend list when I logged on to mail the items.
When I mailed the items, I allowed the games Auto-fill feature, the feature that fills in the names of people on you friend/guild list as you start typing that name in the mailbox, to enter the name Subrosa for me. Since the old Subrosa was on my friend list and I used the friend list to fill out the mail, I believe the items were sent to that character as if I hadn't deleted it yet. But since it was indeed a different character, they never arrived at their destination.

I'm guessing that I'll either get these items back in 30 days or never without the help of a GM. Perhaps deleting the new Subrosa would return the items to me as if I had just deleted a character with unopened mail. But if not this is a serious (however very complex and probably not very easily recreated) issue, as those enchants and items along with the gold itself add up to over 400g. Not a sum to sniff at, especially at lv 36.

Please respond with an appropriate and helpful answer. Don't tell me to petition in-game because last time I was effectively "hung up on".
Poster: Batta at 8/21/2006 1:24:13 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Lost Items and GM "Rudeness"...
   Hey, Mentality. I am currently investigating this issue and will get back to you with additional information as soon as it is made available to me. I apologize for any confusion caused you due to the handling of this situation.
Comfort is a mystery crawling out of my own skin
Poster: Batta at 8/21/2006 1:38:35 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Lost Items and GM "Rudeness"...

Q u o t e:
woo blue! <3

thank you and i hope you have better luck than i did trying to figure this out.

Deadlykris was correct as far as pinpointing the issue. There is a tendancy for items sent to a newly created character to route to a deleted character of the same name. This usually happens if the player does not log into the newly created character before sending mail. In any event, our development staff are aware of the issue and working to have this corrected.

An email was sent to you in regards to your situation explaining the details of our actions to resolve this issue. All of the pertinent mail that was routed incorrectly to your deleted character was returned to sender, in this case: Mentality. Again, please accept my apologies for the inconvenience of this situation and any "rude" response you may have received.
Comfort is a mystery crawling out of my own skin

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